Plus: What Home Alone can teach us about cinema, torturous Pokémon challenges, and owl possession. 🦉

January 2023

Plus: More AI plagiarism, the best gaming cabinet I've ever seen, and a partial defense of The Oscars.
Plus: Sparatacus, Linkin Park goes back to the 80s, and some juicy new Twitter drama
Plus: The next Tom Lehrer, Wells For Boys, and Pancakes, Pancakes!
Plus: What Harry Potter and I have in common, predicting the future, and a must-see beaver dam.

December 2022

Happy holidays from Follow Friday
Plus: Feliz Navi-DUD, Beanie Babies, and a man who always dresses like Santa.
Also: Why I need $6 million, LEGO ASMR, and a very smart pitbull
I'll just do my crêpe here

November 2022

Faux real
🎶 "Down on skid rooooooowwwwwww...."
Wee olive in a yellow sub, Maureen